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Large-Scale Study Finds Connection Between Early Physical Therapy and Lower Opioid Use

The evidence of physical therapy's potential to make a difference in the nation's opioid crisis continues to mount—this time, by way of a study in JAMA Network Open, which concludes that for patients experiencing back, knee, neck, or shoulder pain, a visit to a physical therapist (PT) early on can reduce the chances that they'll take any opioids for the condition. And among those who do wind up taking opioids during the episode of care, researchers identified an association, albeit less strong, between early physical therapy and reduced number of pills taken for 3 of the 4 conditions.


Learn Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Heal Your Body - Cultivate Energy - Increase Range of Motion

Chi (Qi) is “life energy.” Qi Gong helps you gently strengthen your body as you build internal alignment, joint mobility, and core strength. Through these ancient movements, you’ll experience greater inner clarity and vitality.

Hawksbrother is an internal martial artist and healer with over 30 years of teaching experience. Learn the 2nd Generation Yang Style long form, a rare Tai Chi style that emphasizes deep internal alignment for both martial application and development of well-being.

Thursday Evenings 7:30 pm-8:30 pm @ Eclipse Physical Therapy

$15 per class or $95 / 8 class block (save $25!)